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Connect, Curate and Share

Scootle is home to Australia’s premier suite of online resources for teachers and students.

Managed by Education Services Australia (ESA), registration to Scootle allows you to:

  • Gain immediate access to digital resources linked directly to the Australian Curriculum.
  • Discover over 20,000 interactives, apps, videos, units of work, and more.
  • Collect and sequence digital resources into learning paths for your students to use online.

Registration is open to all Australian educators at: www.scootle.edu.au

10 Ways to use Scootle

Scootle-Infographic-Feb 2015

How many ways can you find to use Scootle in your classroom or personal learning network?

Download the infographic to share with your staff, here.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am a Brisbane Catholic Education employee and want to access the NSW curriculum. Can I do this through Scootle?

    1. Hi Denise,
      You should be able to set up a Scootle account using your bne.catholic.edu.au email address.
      This will give you access to a range of resources, many of which are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.
      Kind regards,

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