Term 3 career exploration

Term 3 career exploration

To support the career management capacity building of students, and engage with the Australian Curriculum Work Studies learning area, myfuture has developed resources that will support students in careers education. Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling during the 3rd term period.

Career Bullseyes

Starting the career exploration journey can be difficult. If students are having difficulty trying to relate their learning areas to occupations, the new digital Career Bullseyes will help them by providing a visually engaging tool to explore curriculum areas (Art, Biology, English, etc.) or vocational areas (Construction, Food studies, Metal work, etc.).

The 33 Career Bullseyes show occupations related to these learning areas by the educational achievement levels. This helps students to understand the level of education they need in order to reach their goals. The occupations shown are hyperlinked directly to the occupation profiles which provide information about the role, the related courses, and the prospects for employment.

myfuture has recently updated the poster versions of the Bullseyes with QR codes linked to the digital version, so if you would like us to send you a sample of the learning areas as a PDF version that you can print in A2 size for your classroom wall, please contact us via the myfuture helpdesk, and we’ll forward to you via email.

Career insight

Finding reliable, expert-assured career development resources can be hard. myfuture supports educators and careers counsellors by providing access to quality resources. Six new feature pages have recently been added to Career Insight including Entrepreneurship, Work Integrated Learning, Apprenticeships, Leadership, Volunteering and Graduate Programs.

Students can browse the articles by topics, and educators can suggest relevant articles which are themed by the Australian Curriculum Work Studies sub-strands. The Gaining and keeping work topic contains information about job interviews, writing cover letters and resumes, responding to key selection criteria, and much, much, more.

My career profile

Using the My career profile tool is the core of the myfuture site and teachers can support students in their career exploration, as well as being a good way to familiarise yourself with the service. Users complete the Australian developed psychometric Career Interests test and the Education & Training component to identify a list of suggested occupations to explore. Users then complete the Skills, Knowledge and Work conditions quizzes to complement the Interests test outcomes. Linked to Career insight features, the new, short Entrepreneurship quiz provides a summary about each student’s entrepreneurship traits, and there are some suggested articles to read to learn more about creating and running a successful business.


myfuture is planning a series of webinars to engage with the career development community and ensure myfuture meets the needs of career development practitioners and educators. The webinars will support and guide teachers, career advisors, private career practitioners and parents, on how to utilise myfuture to help career explorers. Guest presenters will also be invited to deliver the webinars, and where possible we will provide a record of the professional development for submission to your accrediting body. Please forward suggestions for future webinar presentations to the myfuture team at careers@esa.edu.au.

Tell us what you want?

There are some new and exciting features in current development including lesson plans and more quizzes, but it would be helpful to know what you want from the myfuture service? Thinking about the people who you work with – what is your biggest career development challenge? Email us and let us know how to help you overcome that challenge.

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