Thought-provoking maths

Thought-provoking Maths

Have you seen the latest addition to Scootle? We’ve taken a maths by inquiry approach to create 21 Thought-provoking maths learning sequences just for you! These learning sequences cover a variety of maths topics for F–10 students, and use a combination of hands-on learning tasks and digital resources from Scootle and beyond. Each Thought-provoking maths…

Term 3 career exploration

Term 3 career exploration

To support the career management capacity building of students, and engage with the Australian Curriculum Work Studies learning area, myfuture has developed resources that will support students in careers education. Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling during the 3rd term period. Career Bullseyes Starting the career exploration journey can be difficult. If…

Connect with Maths Day

Friday, March 18 is Connect with Maths Day. Hosted by the Australian Association of Mathematics (AAMT), the Connect with Maths Day features 24 professional learning sessions beamed from the Victorian Space Science Centre. If you’re in the area, you can register to visit the Centre and experience the sessions live; or jump online and access…

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