Digital Technologies: it’s all in the planning

Digital Technologies: it’s all in the planning

Many schools across Australia have begun implementing the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, or their state’s or territory’s equivalent. Although implementation may have its challenges, it brings with it a way for schools to transform their learning experiences. To assist you with the challenges of learning about a new curriculum, the Digital Technologies Hub has just…

Bell Shakespeare’s Regional Teacher Mentorship 2018

Image Credit: Clare Hawley

Have you heard about the Bell Shakespeare’s Regional Teacher Mentorship for 2018? Below is an outline of the mentorship program, information on the application process, and a link to the Bell Shakespeare resources available in Scootle. Bell Shakespeare’s Regional Teacher Mentorship 2018 Supported by the Australian Government and Teachers Mutual Bank, the Regional Teacher Mentorship…

Thought provoking science

Have you seen the latest addition to Scootle? This collection of learning sequences for primary science F–6 use an inquiry framework supported by resources from the Scootle collection to explore ideas in biology, physics, chemistry, and Earth and space. Thought provoking science includes: A provocation to stimulate student inquiry resources that provide students with skill…

Let’s take the next steps

Each year, National Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June) celebrates and builds on the respectful relationships shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians. The week is bookended by two important anniversaries: 27 May, when the 1967 Referendum was carried; and 3 June, the historic High Court Mabo judgement. This year…

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