Scootle Filters

Scootle Filters

This article was originally published in the Term 1, 2016 edition of the SCIS Connections journal. Due to recent updates to the functionality of the Scootle website, parts of this article have been adapted to reflect these changes. Scootle users often tell us, ‘I know there are great resources in Scootle, but when I search…

Connect with Maths Day

Friday, March 18 is Connect with Maths Day. Hosted by the Australian Association of Mathematics (AAMT), the Connect with Maths Day features 24 professional learning sessions beamed from the Victorian Space Science Centre. If you’re in the area, you can register to visit the Centre and experience the sessions live; or jump online and access…

Open Educational Resources (OER) Toolkit for Teachers, Curriculum and eLearning Developers

  The National Copyright Unit (NCU), with help from the Australian Government Open Access and Licensing Framework (AusGOAL), has produced an Open Educational Resources (OER) Toolkit for Teachers, Curriculum and eLearning Developers.  The Toolkit can be found on the Smartcopying website here: The Toolkit has been developed to support teachers and schools as well…

Join the new look Scootle Community, a PLN for all Australian teachers with a number of great new features.

Scootle Community is an online professional learning network for Australian teachers. We are excited to announce the platforms new look and feel and enhanced functionality with a number of new features to enable educators to quickly and easily find and contribute to relevant professional discussions, networks, events and courses. New features include email notifications, user dashboard,…

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