Opportunities to integrate coding across the curriculum

Opportunities to integrate coding across the curriculum

Coding has become a buzz word we hear quite often, particularly in discussions around how to implement the Digital Technologies curriculum.

While there are many other aspects to this curriculum, coding or programming provides opportunities for students to develop broader skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, persistence, and logic.

It is no surprise then to see teachers developing new and innovative ways to integrate programming into their teaching program.

Maitland Lutheran School, a F–9 rural school in South Australia, used humanoid robots to introduce programming through the lens of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cross-curriculum priority. The school explored how robots could be used to re-invigorate the ‘sleeping’ language of the traditional owners of the land (the Narungga people) into the classroom.

Students programmed the robot to speak, perform dances, and to move. These students worked with virtual and real humanoid robots to develop their programming skills.

Integrating Digital Technologies across curriculum areas

For more information about Maitland’s approach to Digital Technologies, view the other videos in this case study: Robots in South Australia. This case study also features the work of the Wilderness School.

Website: www.dthub.edu.au

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

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