Thought-provoking maths

Thought-provoking Maths

Have you seen the latest addition to Scootle?

We’ve taken a maths by inquiry approach to create 21 Thought-provoking maths learning sequences just for you!

These learning sequences cover a variety of maths topics for F–10 students, and use a combination of hands-on learning tasks and digital resources from Scootle and beyond.

Each Thought-provoking maths learning sequence includes:

  • a provocation to stimulate student thinking around a specific concept
  • step-by-step instructions with resource suggestions
  • links to digital resources, video clips, and hands-on activities that provide students with skill practise or allow them to experiment, investigate or problem-solve
  • ideas or a specific task to enable students to represent their learning
  • links to the Australian Curriculum and the Mathematics proficiencies.

Designed by maths educators, they are visually appealing, and easy to follow and implement.

Check out these learning sequences to get you started:



You can find these and the other learning sequences by searching for ‘Thought provoking maths’ within Scootle.

We want to hear from you!

We are interested in your feedback about the Thought-provoking maths learning sequences.

Let us know how you intend to use one of the sequences.
Or, if you’ve already used one, let us know what worked well or share some tips with other teachers.

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