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In this edition of the ESA news we feature lesson ideas, apps, videos, and interviews to help explore, celebrate and promote the Department of Education and Training’s National Literacy and Numeracy Week, taking place August 31 – September 6. The event highlights the importance of literacy and numeracy as the foundations for all learning.


NLNW – Primary literacy learning path
A selection of 16 teaching and learning resources to explore and create narratives for primary schools.
NLNW- Secondary literacy learning path
19 great secondary school literacy resources. The package includes both student and teacher resources.
NLNW- Primary numeracy learning path
A collection of 18 learning items to explore numeracy principals and skills for the primary classroom.
NLNW- Secondary numeracy learning path 26 teaching and learning resources to encourage numeracy exploration and inquiry in secondary school.

Your community

Janine McIntosh is the Schools Manager at the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI).

During National Literacy and Numeracy Week, what advice do you have for Australia’s teachers looking to promote and celebrate mathematics education in their schools?
Making mathematics visible in the school is an exciting way to ensure students see its importance. Try doing maths in chalk on the playground surface, add maths activities to the school newsletter and to assembly, or host a family maths night. The more out there you are in the teaching of mathematics, the more the community sees that it is valued, and they will respond accordingly.

Tell us about AMSI and the projects and resources developed to support Australian mathematics education and improve the supply of mathematically well prepared students entering tertiary education.
AMSI’s Schools program delivers a range of initiatives that support mathematics education in schools including the development of resources for teachers of mathematics in primary and secondary schools, the provision of professional development, and the dissemination of careers information to promote of the importance of mathematics for career choices. To showcase the rich array of careers that mathematics can offer, we have a series of videos and careers resources. We are also about to embark on a program to entice more girls and young women into mathematics.

Can you recommend a video or learning resource that could be of support to Australia’s mathematics educators?
Maths Ad(d)s promotes and outlines mathematic skills across careers and industries. I also recommended teachers utilise Scootle to curate resources which are directly linked to the Australian Curriculum, and to create learning paths. Watch a video of Janine walking through the process of creating a learning path in Scootle.

Your resources

Pirate Treasure Hunt

A fun game suitable for year 1-2 students, Pirate Treasure Hunt requires students to apply literacy and numeracy skills to work their way through obstacles one by one and in the right order to help Pirate Jack find the hidden treasure. The resource is available as both an iPad app or desktop interactive.
Wishball – Ultimate

Wishball challenges users to take a starting number, such as 3569, 356.9, 35.69 or 3.569, and work towards turning it into a target number, such as 7832, 783.2, 78.32 or 7.832 with as few additions or subtractions as possible. Available as an iPad, Android and desktop application.
The Trans Tasman Challenge

Travel to locations across Australia and New Zealand and scan texts and images to identify them. The Trans Tasman Challenge encourages students to use scanning strategies to decode written and visual text and to construct inferential meanings from them.


What’s New in Scootle? September
This month’s learning path includes science, technology, maths, business and economics, geography and history resources from contributors such as: The Royal Institute of Australia; the Asia Education Foundation; the Australian Broadcasting Corporation among others.
‘Getting the Message’

National Literacy and Numeracy Week ambassador and stand-up mathematician Simon Pampena provides instructional videos, and templates in an activity to explore the mathematics behind data, and sending information from one place to another.
To help celebrate National Literacy and Numeracy Week we have developed primary and secondary Scootle mobile app learning paths for literacy and numeracy.
Scootle mobile apps:
Primary literacy;

Secondary literacy;
Primary numeracy;
Secondary numeracy.

Community Blogs

Global Search for Education
C M Rubin’s award winning series, The Global Search for Education, brings together distinguished thought leaders in education and innovation from around the world to explore the key learning issues faced by most nations. C M Rubin is an invited international guest contributor to Scootle Community, read her first Scootle Community blog, ‘The Global Search for Education: Lessons from the Australian education system.’

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