PSTEdFest – July 30th

The next EdFest event (free national online education conferences) will  take place Thursday July 30th.


Pre-Service Teacher Edfest which will run Thursday July 30th. For more information on the event visit the #PSTEDfest page.

#PSTEdFest will feature 6, half hour presentations live streamed at across a day of professional learning and conversation to support the needs of Australia’s next generation of teachers.

Sessions include: -Applying for Graduate Teaching Positions; -Are you ready? Teacher Registration and Timelines; -The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers; -Knowledge of and Resourcing the Australian Curriculum; -Implementing the Digital Technologies Curriculum; -Global Connections.

The live event will be recorded at Education Services Australia in Melbourne’s CBD.  If you are a pre service teacher and would like to be part of the live audience email