About #CommunityChat

#Communitychat is a weekly chat for Australian educators which takes place each Monday evening:
8:00pm AEST
7:30 pm ACST
6:00 pm AWST

Questions for conversation Monday, August 11

Q1. Do you think the type of paid intern ship referenced is a good or bad concept for the way we train teachers?
Q2. Did you have greater learning experiences studying education theory at university or while on teaching practicum?
Q3. Do you have any other solutions for the way we train the next generation of educators?
Q4. In your opinion are the shorter teacher training courses being proposed sufficient to prepare teachers for all that goes with the job?
Q5. Can you reccomend a resource or video which might promote teaching as a great profession for prospective new teachers?  

Questions for conversation Monday, August 4

Q1. What advice would you give this effective educator to encourage them to remain in the profession?
Q2. Who do you think shares responsible for this teachers’ well being and job satisfaction?
Q3. Can you relate to the views expressed? If so how what helps to overcome them?
Q4. What changes could be made to address poor teacher retention figures, particularly those in their first years?
Q5. Would you recommend the teaching profession to your children or students?

Questions for conversation Monday, July 28

Q1: What does the word community mean to you?
Q2: What are the benefits of a broad learning community?
Q3: How do you strengthen a sense of community?
Q4: Are parent’s contributors to your learning communities?
Q5: Can you recommend a strategy for encouraging sustainable community engagement?

Questions for conversation Monday, July 21

Q1: How have professional learning networks shaped the way you teach and learn?
Q2: Would you recommend joining a #pln?
Q3: Should being connected broadly be an expectation of all educators?
Q4: Do your school’s leaders recommend/support/advocate staff learn and share with others outside your setting?
Q5: Can you recommend any strong and inclusive #plns for first timers?

Questions for conversation Monday, July 14

Q1: What #onlineprofessionallearning modes best support your teaching and learning practices?
Q2: What do you see as the advantages of #onlineprofessionallearning opportunities?
Q3: What are the shortcomings of #onlineprofessionallearning compared with #f2f?
Q4: Do your school’s leaders recommend/support/advocate #onlineprofessionallearning?
Q5: Are there any great #onlinePL providers or strategies you would recommend?

The session is moderated by Leigh Murphy, Project Manager for User Engagement, Education Services Australia.  Please get in contact if your questions and ideas, we’d love to hear from you!
If you can’t make the twitter chat Monday evening you can post your responses anytime below on on discussion boardhttps://community.scootle.edu.au/networks/3926/discussions/180366-community-chat-online-professional-learning

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