Improve is a formative assessment tool that allows teachers to create and set tests and deliver these online to students and to support students’ individual learning. A bank of more than 8,000 test items has been drawn from teachers and from national and international sources, and included ready-made tests.

The power of Improve is how it personalises the learning experiences of students. When students answer a question incorrectly they are presented with digital resources linked to the concept being tested. Students are then reassessed with a similar, same or equivalent test question to test the understanding of the concept

Diagnostic tools for teachers include a ‘confidence levels’ asset that asks students how confident they feel that their answer is correct. This feature gives teachers a richer understanding of the abilities of each student and, at a group level, the skills that require reinforcement

Teachers can create their own questions in a variety of formats and share these with their school, jurisdiction or system. Tests are currently available in English, science and mathematics.
And it’s freely available to all teachers in Australia. Start using Improve now.

Watch this brief video to see Improve in action.

Quick reference guides for teachers

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